SAPPA Music Workshop brings age appropriate general musical instruction to students (ages 7 through 18) that is consistent with the basic components articulated in the standard arts frameworks of the California Public Schools: aesthetic perception (perceptual and conceptual development), creative expression (musical skills development) musical heritage (historical and cultural) and aesthetic valuing

The goals of our program is to develop the children's understanding and appreciation of music through their participation in playing musical instruments, singing, interpreting basic musical notation, developing skills of “active listening” to various forms of music and participating in special performance and video projects. To accomplish these goals the SAPPA instructors teach weekly group music classes that allow students to participate in age-appropriate musical activities. The classes deliver the basic concepts of melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, dynamics, expression, reading and writing musical notation and the joy of musical creation

Group piano classes are offered to build a foundation of music theory and the basic concepts of reading music. Each student Is provided with their own keyboard to use for class. Students will learn the basics of the instrument and skills like fingering, rhythm, timing, tempos, and dynamics by doing exercises and playing songs. Intermediate students will take their learning to the next level with more complex techniques and by learning piano pieces in different keys.
To take these classes students are required to have a keyboard at home so they can practice between classes. Home piano practice is essential to learning piano and to facilitate this students are given a monthly "Practice Calendar" so that they can record the minutes they practice each day at home during the week. 

Class 1 is the entry level class reserved for first time piano students who have not played before. They will learn the basics of finger position in the key of C and play simple exercises and melodies. A student is welcomed to repeat this class if they or the teacher feels they need more beginning level work before moving on.

Class 2 is for those who have taken the Level 1 class or have already had a little experience playing piano. This class will pick up where Level 1 left off, review previously learned concepts and exercises, and go on to more challenging exercises and songs.

Class 3  is the next level for students who have taken several class and have more experience. We will review all previously learn music and go on to start working on some easy Intermediate level music and concepts. This is for students who are confident about their playing and want new challenges.

Class  4   is for those students who have had more experience (at least 2 years of piano) and can play more difficult music. We explore music in different keys (C, G, and F) the pieces and exercises will be the most challenging of all the classes.

Facilitator: Bob Lesoine
A music educator with 25 years of classroom teaching experience. He is heading up the SAPPA Music workshop program. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, San Francisco State College, Master's Degree in Education, Cal. State L.A.

SAPPA Music Workshop Video

Audition (Interview)Workshops

Sponsored by
Beyond The Bell (LAUSD) - NAACP ACT-SO
Music Center Education Division

The SAPPA Audition Workshop works with students in the performing and visual arts. preparing for college or life as a professional.  We prepare students for entering the job market with realistic goals, enabling them to work, prosper and support themselves as artists. Our program helps youngsters develop a realistic view of the world that they are about to enter. This workshop helps to fill in the gaps that exist in regular curriculums as we focus on personal presentation.  This is a hands-on experience where students learn by doing. The Workshop discusses: Life purposes, motivations and skills needed for success, communication skills, realistic expectations, guidelines and deadlines, The science of interviews and auditions, role play, audition program, critique each other using standard competition guideline. 
Culminating in: mock competition, students perform before the group and are judged by fellow students or representatives from scholarship programs.

Audition Workshop
The SAPPA AUDITION/INTERVIEW WORKSHOP teach techniques to help students develop
skills they can apply to competitive situations and interviews in general.  Our students develop the confidence and self-esteem that is needed in order to compete successfully in the modern environment.

Topics covered throughout the workshops are:
     •     Communication skills and realistic expectations
     •     Focus on the science of interviews and auditions
     •     Art of relaxing
     •     Health components
     •     Wardrobe and persona
     •     Skills needed for success
     •     Life purposes, motivations    
     •     Rehearsal aids
     •     Promo kits, demos, packaging
Facilitator: Billy Mitchell
Professional Musician - Educator - Music Producer & Advocate - Writer for Local and National Music Publications-Featured Artist at Major Jazz Festivals - History of Jazz Workshops, Author of “The Gigging Musician” (Backbeat Books) Founder/Director of the Scholarship Audition Performance Preparatory Academy


SAPPA Audition Workshop Video